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5th International Seminar on Earthworks in Europe
21 - 22 April 2022, CZECH REPUBLIC, PRAGUE


1. Earthworks standards

In 2021 the first experiences with implementation of the EN 16907 in Europe should be presented as well as the state-of-the art in new European standards closely connected with earthworks (e.g.  EN 1997-7). The attention may also be given to standards concerning dams and dikes construction, too.

2. Soil treatment

Development of this discipline has been very dramatic in last years. New hydraulic binders with various components have been developed and used in soil treatment. Utilisation of treated soils is not limited to road and railway construction. New possibilities are opened in dams and dikes constructions and in contaminants solidification. However, traditional binders (lime and cement) have not been on the margin of researchers’ and contractors´ attention. Contributions concerning all wide range of soil treatment discipline (chemistry and mineralogy of reactions, binders, marginal conditions of soil treatment, treatment of problematic soils, using of treated soils in non-traditional applications, etc.) will be welcomed. 

3. Alternative and special materials in earthworks 

Use of alternative materials (industrial by products and recycled materials) in earthworks has got a long tradition. However, their utilisation is limited to specific conditions depending on the type of material and the place of its incorporation in earth structure. There are widely used materials, e.g. coal combustion by-products, metallurgical slags, recycled materials, and on the other hand “exotic” by-products as spent oil shales, waste paper sludge ash, tyres etc. Contributions describing utilisation of as much as possible alternative materials will be presented.

Special materials used in earthworks are represented mainly by lightweight ones, like polystyrene, expanded clays or foamed glass. New approaches in this specific part of earthworks will be presented together with practical applications.

4. Soil reinforcement

Use of steel and polymer reinforcement in earth structures has developed into a very dynamic section of earthworks. Many large and challenging earth structures have been built in the past decades. We expect new interesting structures will be presented in the seminar.

5. Hydraulic fills 

Implementation of EN 16907-6 and EN 16907-7 should be presented. Contributions concerning interesting case histories and risks in hydraulic placement of extractive waste are expected. 

6. Earthwork structures

Case histories describing earthwork structures failures, even collapses, will be presented. Besides description of failures reasons, the learning and recommendations for future will the most important. 



If You have any interesting contribution which is not possible to classify into the above-mentioned list of topics, do not hesitate and contact organizers and scientific committee then decide how to present Your results. 

All accepted contributions will be incorporated in the seminar´s proceedings. Contributions chosen by the scientific committee will be presented in seminar.  It is possible to present the results of interesting case histories or results of scientific research also in posters. 

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