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5th International Seminar on Earthworks in Europe
21 - 22 April 2022, CZECH REPUBLIC, PRAGUE


Prague Congress Centre

5. kvetna 65
140 21 Prague 4
Czech Republic

The ISEE 2022 Seminar will be held in the Prague Congress Centre, a purpose made venue with easy accessibility to many hotels in near vicinity. With the underground station located within just 1 minute walking distance from the venue, the very heart of the city can be reached within minutes. The Prague panorama from conference rooms is simply amazing. Situated next to the beautiful Vysehrad area the Prague Congress Centre provides you with one of the most stunning panoramic views over the city. Vysehrad also offers peaceful green parks encouraging relaxation and the perfect location to catch up with cultural and spiritual matters in your free time.

On the other side, for Prague citizens this building is a symbol of communist regime and totalitarianism. It was built in early 80´s to create representative place where Communistic Party of Czechoslovakia could organize annual meetings. The official name was "Palac kultury". From the architecture point of view, the building is mostly the copy of similar building from Hamburg, Germany from 60´s. After the Velvet revolution in 1989 the building was transfromed into Congress and Cultural Centre with number of huge meetings and shows of famous musicians.


Venue street view


Historical Footage - Opening of the Prague Congress Centre (1981)

Look at the propagandistic movie from Opening 1981 with Gustav Husak, last communistic president of Czechoslovakia.
Subtitles (unfortunatelly) not available.


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